Our Heritage

The Panzani Heritage


1840: Where all it Began

Vincenzo, grandfather of Giovanni (Panzanis creator), was born in Firenze in 1840. He gets married with Blandina Pagnini in 1867 and they will have 6 children. One of them, Henri, marries Ciappi Antonia in Firenze in 1907. Both were born in Firenze. Henri and Antonia will have 3 children, and one of them was Giovanni Ubaldo Panzani, "Panzani Pastas" founder. The Via Panzani in Firenze is a place filled with fascinating and emblematic stories of modern Italy. Moreover, this is where the stolen Mona Lisa has been found!


1911 : A pasta prodigy is born

Giovanni Panzani is born along a Florentine family of humble grocers. For decades, since his grandfather was born there, the Panzani family has lived in Firenze, Italy. Making and selling pasta, it would seem, is in his blood.


1929 : A fresh new start

Giovanni moves to his step-parents attic in France and starts to cook artisanal pastas before selling it riding his bike downtown.


1946 : Giovanni Panzani's first factory

Giovanni Panzani, who came from a Tuscan family, opens his first pasta factory and starts selling pastas under the "Francine" brand. This brand name is a tribute to his daughter Françoise.

1949 : The end of the war

Giovanni finds new ambitions as the World War II took an end, he sees the end of ration cards and the return of free trade as opportunities


1950 : The birth of a brand

Giovanni Panzani had the revolutionary idea of wrapping pasta up in cellophane packaging so that its quality would be immediately apparent. This transparency would go on to become a signature of the « Panzani Pasta" brand.

1952 : After the pastas comes the sauce

Panzani spreads its field of activity by now proposing tomato sauce in tin cans. A simple but revolutionary idea!


1960 : Panzani expands to 50 countries

Since 1960, when the first packages of Panzani pasta started crossing international borders, Panzani has grown a lot internationally. The brand first became known in Europe, then in Africa and in other parts of the world.

1964 : From wheat to pasta, a total know-how

Panzani incorporated the Bellevue Semoulery in the South of France. Panzani then took on a new activity, semolina production, allowing it to completely control the supply chain and quality of its produtcs.


1973: New Horizons

Danone Group buys Panzani in 1973. The famous slogan « Pastas yes, but make sure it's Panzani » appeared and would make its mark on a generation. With the affable character of Don Patillo, Panzani made pasta a food that we were happy to enjoy and savor ! For 25 years, this character would accompany the Panzani advertising campaigns


1989 : Evolution and innovation

Panzani goes along with the evolution of lifestyles and creates culinary bases such as Tomacouli or Spagheto as ready-to-eat sauces. This innovative impulse gave birth to Quick Cook dishes in 1996

1997 : The reward of hard work

Panzani became both in 1997 the Frenchs' favorite pastas and the second leader in pastas in all Europe.


2003 : The end of an era

On the 18th of October 2003, Giovanni Panzani passes away, leaving an almost-80-years legacy of love for pastas and food.

2005 : New ambitions

Panzani joins the group Panzani Ebro Puleva. Today, Panzani products are available in more than 50 countries. Nowadays, Panzani is growing for and with the most known Chefs in the world. These initiatives are found on the 16 Via Panzani, Firenze, where Panzani welcomes chefs from around the world so that they can express their passion for pasta, putting their own twists on their cuisines and provide us with an unparalleled culinary and emotional experience!


2015 : Happiness on a large scale

Panzani now communicates around a shared happiness around a plate of pastas. The brand has also revolutionized pastas market with its new Pasta Fresh Quality range, dried pastas as good as fresh ones, with firm and tender texture.

What now ? We are writing this story everyday all over again by providing simple but delicious products, respectful for Nature and the earth that is feeding us, so that each meal can be a moment of sharing and happiness!

Feel the spirit of Via Panzani by walking down the streets of Firenze,

where it all started