Gold Quality

Panzani pasta sauces, the tasty flavor of Italian cuisine in my daily life


Growing and Harvesting

We select basil seeds "ally genovese", recognised for their gustatory qualities. Our basil is sown in the region of Liguria, in open ground. Sun-ripened until summer. The harvest takes place between mid-July and September when there is maximum sunlight. Did you know? The basil harvest is done at night as it's when the essential oils are most present in the stems, which allows them to keep more of their scent..

The Basil Processing

The basil is washed, sorted by hand and cut up, before being combined with the other ingredients making up each pesto.


Creating the recipes

We work hard in the kitchen to get a subtle blend of olive oil, pine nuts and tasty Italian cheeses which, combined with the basil, will provide a unique taste to the Panzani pasta.

To vary the pleasure, Panzani pasta is available with whole pine nuts or with ricotta!


From The Shelves To Your Table

The sauces undergo heat treatment to ensure they are preserved properly and are then packaged. Lastly, our sauces are cooled so they can fit the shelves of your favorite stores!

You can adapt our great pasta to all your recipes and let's feel free to create your way to cook with Panzani!

Thanks to the unique quality of Panzani's pasta and sauces, I can let out my culinary creativity, and feel free in the kitchen.

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