Gold Quality

What makes the difference of Panzani Pasta ?
The assembly and selection of several varieties of durum wheat allows us to obtain a perfect performance even in overcooking, which is characteristic of Panzani Gold Quality guarantee.


First of all, the best ingredients…

100% Durum Wheat

A good pasta means, above all, a good grain of wheat ! There are 500 varieties of wheat in the world.

At Panzani, 100% of our pasta is made of durum wheat.

Gold Quality grains

Our different sorting machines allow us to use only the best one* : it is selected by its size, density, color and hardness.


The state of the art of making pasta

For The Best Semolina

The wetting step is used to recover the core of the grain. This is crushed and sorted again between bran, flour and... semolina which is the raw material to produce pasta.

Mixing and kneading time !

Then, it’s time to make way for the kneading:: semolina is mixed with water, so that it is all uniform and compact to get.. a dough!


Details make all the difference


Farfalle, shells or spaghetti? The specifics of each dish come from the shaping. Shaped in a mould, they showcase a love of food in all its form!

And drying

Once the pasta is removed, it undergoes several drying steps over a specified period of time. The temperature and humidity of the air are controlled for the best quality pasta. Each pasta form has its own drying position.

The result? A superior quality pasta!

Our selection and use of different wheat varieties enables to offer you the best nutritional benefits.

Thanks to Panzani engagement, our consumers obtain pastas with firmand melting texture, gold color and which are resistant to overcooking.

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