Get your winter tables with pretty napkins


Get your winter tables with pretty napkins

Winter is for quality time spent with family, at the table or around the hearth. The festive season is a highlight, where all the holidays allow for the creation of an unforgettable table!

To highlight the lovingly prepared dishes, consider presenting a pretty table. With simple napkins, its easy to add style to the decoration and it doesn't cost anything, follow the guide!
In the folding category there are 3 very accessible tutorials to create the lotus, the heart and the butterfly. We recommend the butterfly to announce a dish of farfalle!

Start with a simple basis, with a neutral tablecloth or place mats in white or flax. Don't hesitate to collect little gems from the forest or garden, fir cones, twigs, dead leaves, moss, etc. You can use them as they are for a natural décor, or spray them to create a red, golden, white or silver theme depending on your tastes. You will also need string, ribbon and fabric, be inspired!