Improvised dishes for good times


Improvised dishes for good times

In Latin culture, the meal represents a lot more than simply getting sustenance. Whether it is with family, among colleagues or friends, it is the opportunity to form a social connection.

It's nice of Thomas to have come round to have an aperitif to introduce his new girlfriend Caro.

Go on, they can stay for dinner. It doesn't have to be complicated. No need to do any fancy cooking, a good little dish will do the trick! Make a pasta dish in no time at all with the Panzani 3 minute pasta. Macaroni express , penne express, spaghetti express, Fusilli express, there's something to please everyone! Accompany it with a delicious pesto with fresh basil, brightened up with a few cherry tomatoes and it's job done!

You meet, you discuss you laugh, you simply share a moment of pleasure together. It is the joy of cooking, the joy of being at the table and the joy of enjoying food! An essential and very structuring moment in everyday life, especially for children, one which must be preserved.

And you, what's your recipe to get everyone around the table?