Cook with your children and make them eat vegetables!


Cook with your children and make them eat vegetables!

Would you also like to make your children eat more vegetables? Follow the guide!

Did you know that cooking promotes mother/children ties? Preparing good family food will allow you to create unforgettable memories that will warm your hearts. So why not cook together?
Cooking with your child, in addition to bringing him some self-confidence, will create joyful moments. 

You will have the opportunity to share your cultural heritage with him by making him discover delicious recipes and by making him explore food. 

So don’t wait for the meal to share your culinary culture, it must start well before in the kitchen by sharing this moment together.

Children must learn to cook because it is not less important than sport, homework or social obligations. Cooking is a basic skill for adults but it could be a source of pride for the child. 

They will pay attention to what they eat and will want to prepare good things for their siblings or friends!
To make your child want to eat vegetables, suggest him to cook with you. This method will allow to titillate their curiosity and it’s also a very good educational way for your children to know the vegetables, their name but also their color, their texture etc… 

This is a perfect activity to awaken their senses. Start tonight with this delicious Panzani Vegetable Lasagna recipe

Involve your children in the grocery shopping

Involve your children from the shopping step: why not take them with you to the market and let them choose the vegetables they will eat? 

They will be able to admire the farandoles of fresh colors and perfumes; discover natural vegetables and they will no longer confuse zucchini and cucumbers! 

They can also smell the perfume that enhance your walk and taste the vegetables knowing where they come from and how they grow.
Your children will fall in love with the greenery and discover all the secrets that nature hides from us! Your child will be much more interested, he will take more pleasure in cooking and then degust the small dishes he has prepared with his mother.

Generally, children don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so there’s a lot of food they don’t know. Tastes they have never experienced before may seem strange and may arise their curiosity.

Here’s how a simple tour in the kitchen can awaken curiosity and develop your children’s 5 senses while sharing a pleasant moment.
By cooking with them, you make them aware of developing a culture of taste, children will understand why eating vegetables is so important and they will assimilate the notion of food balance.

It is really important to educate them from an early age, so they will understand the mechanisms of diet and all the benefits of a healthy diet for their body. 

Our chefs have developed a very wide range of simple and balanced recipes that you can cook with your children.

Panzani pasta offers exceptional quality made with selected raw materials of superior quality.

So in addition to delighting the family and offering you a pleasant moment, Panzani pasta will bring you a significant amount of magnesium and vitamin B for your child’s growth.

Improve your child’s development

Imagine the pride and confidence of a 7-year-old girl who brings at the table a nice spaghetti bolognese dish made by herself!

In addition of being proud because he has done the shopping and had a pleasant time in the kitchen with his mom, these little moments will promote the development of your child’s insurance. 

By having responsibilities that they do not usually have and by correcting their mistakes, children strengthen their self-esteem. 

They feel capable of doing things that only the adults could do before. 

These moments of exchange are 100% beneficial, children are more and more autonomous and this gives them the taste to the kitchen.

Make your children eat vegetables

Of course, it is good to involve children in cooking, but it is even more important to give them healthy eating habits. Let’s start with the vegetables and the sad truth that children hate them.

Why don’t your children eat vegetables and what can you do?
First of all, please stop insisting on “just a little try” because you won’t like the stubborn refusal, believe me... Then, if we agree on all the points we discussed above, we can choose the value of cooking and eating together.
Let the family meal begin in the kitchen by preparing delicious vegetable dishes together. And for the tasting, Panzani’s advice is to trick!

Use the presentation

Indeed, as we saw earlier, make nice presentations and make them want to eat these vegetables. Bring color, Panzani is here to help you!

Do not hesitate to use our products such as the veggie pasta, the colors will intrigue them and they will only want to taste this famous recipe!
Put cheerfulness on the plates: in addition to being delicious, your recipes will be sublime.

You can also use our Mini Panzani range, specially designed for children! The characters on the pack and the mini shape of these pasta in the recipe will entertain and interest your child.
Thanks to their small size and very fast cooking, they will also make it easier to prepare pasta dishes every day.

And if your child prefers the tomato, there is also the choice!

What is children’s favorite dish? Of course, it’s pasta! So, try mixing cauliflower, broccoli and even leeks in the pasta. Don’t forget to put cheese on top, then cook. No one will ever know that there is cauliflower. 

It is possible to attract the attention of children with fun recipes. 

Choose the right recipes at the beginning. If your children meet vegetables in the right way, the rest will be much easier. Have you ever seen green spaghetti made with zucchini?
Now you know what it means and you can present this meal to your children. Or try something else, but don’t forget to be creative and fun.

Which child could say no to tiny zucchini or asparagus sticks? You can offer your children super fun plates so they never refuse to eat vegetables.
All you need is a little imagination. Not only children, but you will also have fun while preparing these super cute dishes. Mixing vegetables in children’s favourite dish is the most common solution.


The last tip is to add some cheese to your dishes. Children love cheese and they will see a dish that makes them want to eat and will not ask too many questions about the rest. This allows you to divert their attention of the little vegetables hidden under the cheese!
Here is a recipe that will please parents and children: our delicious eggplant gratin cheese made with our bolognese. 

The gratin effect works every time!
And finally, vary the different types of cooking, mix the vegetables, make sauces, test the vegetable chips or quiches.

As you know, children love sauces in their dishes!
The trick, cook your vegetables and add a little sauce: the kids will love and they will ask for more!

For example, why not add a few mixed carrots and zucchini in our delicious bolognese sauce. This will bring extra sweetness and the children will not feel the difference...;)
Do not hesitate to ruse and adapt our products to your tastes and desires. Our wide range of sauce will surely help you!

Cooking with your family, a moment of sharing between parents and children

And finally, let’s not forget that cooking is above all a moment of sharing that will bring you closer to your children.
It is these kind of moments shared together on a daily basis, in joy and good humor, that create beautiful memories.
Panzani is here to help you create this magical moment by bringing you simple and delicious recipes.
In 10 years, your child will be able to tell his child that at his age, you had taught him to cook a wonderful dish of zucchini chifferini!

So, ready to take on the challenge?