Speeding & Mastering the cooking time


Speeding & Mastering the cooking time

To prepare pasta in advance, cook it for half of the indicated time. Then allow it to cool and keep it chilled, wrapped in cling film. You will only need to reheat it for 2 to 3 minutes in boiling water before serving it.

To make the water boil faster and reduce the preparation time, Panzani offers you a simple and practical tip :
Preheat your water in a kettle before transferring it to the pan.
When the pasta is immersed, the water cools and the boiling stops. So increase the heat so that it starts to boil quickly, to avoid the pasta sticking. Then, lower to a medium heat to maintain a constant boil.

After that, when is the pasta done ? This question has divided the experts the world over for many years !
You can rely on your own taste and try the pasta while it is cooking. You can also follow the directions given by Panzani on all their packets and therefore choose your preferred cooking time : al dente, firm, or even deliciously soft. It's up to you! Don't forget to set your timer to keep track of the cooking time.

Thanks to its Gold Quality, Panzani pasta will give you a perfect consistency, even when over cooked.

For a hot dish, simply drain the pasta. Definitely don't rinse it in order that you don't lose the starch, so that the sauce sticks properly to the pasta.
For a pasta salad, after cooking, quickly rinse the pasta to stop the cooking, or for longer if you want to eat it straight away.