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Panzani today

The company that one determined man founded over half a century ago has since earned respect for its expertise around the world. It is also a name that consumers know and like. Its relentless innovation and uncompromising stance on quality explain much of its dynamic approach.

A worldwide company

PANZANI is active in more than 50 countries and has built an enviable international presence. Exports account for a growing portion of its sales every year.

By 2005 – i.e. less than 10 years after it ventured into the international market – PANZANI had become:

  • N°1 in the Czech Republic, comfortably ahead of local brands;
  • N°2 in Belgium;
  • N°1 in the premium-pasta segment in Mexico, the Middle East, Lebanon, Morocco and many other countries.

Its recent ventures into new markets (Canada in 2003 and Hungary in 2005) are also proving promising.

Panzani Group facts and figures

Every time we decide to move into a new market, we hone a comprehensive brand-development strategy to build solid and lasting foundations there, step by step. And we are determined to become the premium-segment leaders wherever we go. Achieving that entails adjusting to each country’s preferences. We invest, develop specific products and ranges, choose the most appropriate brand name and, of course, tailor our communication to suit each host country’s culture.

  • Nearly 1,300 employees work for the group’s five companies.
  • €473 million in sales (2005).
  • About 360,000 tonnes of products sold (2005).
  • Headquarters in Lyon (France), a research centre focusing on cereal in Marseille (France), a gastronomic centre in Lyon (France) and ten production plants across France.